I am an author who has a book titled “Demented!” coming out this fall. It is a psychological thriller about a very sick doctor who is teaching psychological warfare tactics to a group of foreign exchange students at an American college.

A woman finds out what is happening on and off campus and tries her darnedest to put a stop to their fun and games. The doctor, his staff and terrorist friends decide to “practice” their war games on this woman and her family by trying to drive her insane, if they can’t, they will surely make her appear that way to the local community. When they toss in some hypnosis and both legal and illegal drugs, things get very, very strange.

When I was in law school, I found several 1990’s law suits involving malpractice that utilized some of the strangest of my book. When I read the briefs, I thought this subject may make one heck of a good read.

Remember though, I took the legal briefs and sat on the front porch with my family and did “What If” scenarios, and made them even stranger.

After an injury left me disabled with a 45% severed spinal cord in 1999, I had to have something to do as a hobby, so when I felt like it, I began writing.  All of those notes from my college days came out of the notebooks and began to take shape.

When I sent out my first query for the manuscript, I was surprised by a call from Page Publishing to see it.  Immediately, it was in the airwaves, making its way to Mr. Roma.  Within two weeks I had a call from Richard to let me know that I had been unanimously approved for production by the review committee and would have my book out in the fall.

Going outside to tell my friend Ray, who happened to be sitting in the garden, I started doing my happy dance.  It bugged him so much, because I just kept dancing through his questions, only smiling along the while.  Finally, I gave in and told him I was being published.

While I was talking to Ray, Mr. Roma called to let me know that my contract was available for me to review and sign.  Monday morning he and I went over the contract paragraph by paragraph.  He explained every aspect of it, so there was no question as to my understanding things like copy writes and transfers after my death some day to my heirs, and important stuff like that.  He covered things like interviews, book signings, royalties, etc., to my satisfaction.

The editing process should be finished in a couple of weeks and then I just have to wait to review things like art work, covers, and that sort of thing.  Once the editing is completed, the E-books should be released, then shortly after that, the book will come flying to the bookstores here and around the world.

Page Publishing is my publisher and Kamie Krum is my publishing coordinator. Would you like to work with Ms. Krum and myself in scheduling a book signing or a reading of this work of fiction this fall?

Ms. Krum’s email address is Kamie@pagepublishing.com. She will be very happy to work with you for a fall/winter event and even point you in the right direction for book orders.



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